The Woody-Lol Relationship refers to the romantic pairing between Richard Woodford and Lorraine Jenkins.

Their relationship is sometime referred by the the fan-given nickname Loody (taken from Lol and Woody).

Relationship History[edit | edit source]

Before This Is England[edit | edit source]

Lol, Woody and Milky all went to school together, and the two boys fought for Lol's attention by buying her crisps. Lol then chose Woody and then went on to date him for a considerable amount of time.

1983[edit | edit source]

The film starts off with Woody and Lol already in a relationship, and the two avoid Combo in his racial-fueled outbursts. Not much is seen on the couple together, but only sitting with eachother and talking.

1986[edit | edit source]

By 1986, their relationship started to deteriorate, and the couple arguing in their newly bought house, which Woody got cheap, as it used to be a drug dealers squalor who died there. Lol starts to have an affair with Milky, after Woody begins to not put much effort in, and his job is becoming demanding. The series then ends with Milky ending their affair. Of screen, Lol then gets pregnant with Milky's child and Woody goes into isolation from the group.

1988[edit | edit source]

By 1988, Woody has found a new girlfriend, Jen, who supports him in his new life away from his old friends. Lol is living on her own with her two year old daughter Lisa. Believing Lol is dead after her suicide attempt, Woody is distraught, and his relationship with Jen ends with Woody rushing to the hospital to find out she is alive, and telling her how much he needs her.

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