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Season 4, Episode 3
Air date 20th September 2015
Written by Shane Meadows
Directed by Shane Meadows
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Episode Three or Autumn is the third episode of This Is England '90 and the 11th episode of This Is England overall.


Lol faces an impossible task. Honesty, forgiveness and loyalty are tested to the extreme. Kelly's downward spiral continues, while Shaun takes a trip down memory lane.

Lol and Woody invite everyone round to their house for Sunday dinner. After the meal, they inform everyone that it wasn't Combo who killed Mick, but Lol. Lol also tells her sister Kelly that Mick raped Trev the night before he was killed. Kelly refuses to believe that her father was a bad person. Lol and Woody continue with the news that Combo is about to be released from prison and has nowhere to stay. Once it becomes clear that Combo will be staying with them, Milky, who also lives with them, refuses to let his daughter stay under the same roof as the racist man who beat him half to death. Shaun's place at college is reconsidered and he gains a place on the photography course, much to Cynthia and Sandhu's excitement. Woody proposes to Lol, and Combo moves in with them, meanwhile Milky prepares an attack on Combo.