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Season 4, Episode 2
Air date 20th September 2015
Written by Shane Meadows
Directed by Shane Meadows
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Episode Two or Spring is the second episode of This Is England '90 and the 10th episode of This Is England overall.


Shaun, Harvey, Gadget, Kelly and Trev all pack into a small car, venturing into the countryside in search of a rave. On the way they meet Flip and Higgy, whose car has broken down, so all seven squeeze into one car. After a long day trying to find their intended venue, they give up and begin to camp out in the woods for the night. In the distance, they hear the sound of drums and assume it's the rave they've been trying to find. Walking down into a field they stumble upon a commune of new-age travellers and spontaneously join their party. Shaun finds comfort with an attractive older lady, whilst Kelly smokes heroin before engaging in sex with three men in a trailer.

Lol, Woody and Milky stay at home, spending the afternoon having a barbecue in their front garden. In the evening, the phone rings and Lol says it is her mother and takes the call in another room. She later tells Woody that it wasn't her mother, but it was Combo, who is about to be released from prison and has nowhere to stay.